István Balogh, a not very affluent Hungarian farmer, lords over his wife, children and his “hired” slave. Cut off from the rest of the world on a distant farm in the Great Plains, he tries to uphold a family ideal he formulated from rigid traditions. The close-knit, albeit extreme, human relations sweep these characters towards tragedy. The film was inspired by articles, news programs, and the recollections of individuals who lived through similar situation.

DIRECTOR:  Attila Till PRODUCERS:  Mónika Mécs, Gábor Rajna, Gábor Sipos CINEMATOGRAPHY:  Imre Juhász


2012 Barcelona Mecal / Special Mention,
2012 BuSho Budapest Short Film Festival /Silver BuSho
2012 Cracow Film Festival / Silver Dragon
2012 European Film Academy /Nominated For Best European Short Film Award
2012 Odense Film Festival /Special Mention
2012 Syracuse International Film Festival / Best Short Fiction
2012 Tampere Short Film Festival / Efa Short Film Nominee Tampere
2012  Torún Tofifest / Golden Angel
2012 Vilnius International Film Festival /Best Short Film
2011 42th Hungarian Film Week / Best Short Film
2011  Shanghai International Film Festival /Best Short Film Of Mobile Siff
2011 Stockholm International Film Festival / Best Short Film


2012 Ghent Flanders International Film Festival, 2012 Huesca Film Festival, 2012 Leeds International Film Festival, 2012 Leeuwarden Noordelijk Film Festival, 2012 Regensburg Short Film Week, 2012 San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival, 2012 Trencianske Teplice Art Film Festival, 2012 Trieste Film Festival, 2011 Bilbao ZINEBI, 2011 Cottbus FilmFestival, 2011 Sarajevo Film Festival  Festivals: 2012 London Film Festival, 2012 Luxembourg CinÉast, 2012 Palic International Film Festival, 2011 Cannes Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, 2011 Cluj-Napoca Transilvania, 2011 London Film Festival