based on true events

„How easy is it to pick up a phone call?”

Four men with spinal injuries lie in a ward of a rehabilitation institute. Three of them are cervical spinal cord injured, which means they can’t use their hands nor their arms, they are not able to dress up or to eat, no to mention bathing or cleaning themselves. During the day the fourth man, Akos arrives –he is the nightmare of every nurse. He is newly paralyzed, so he suffers a lot, he feels dizzy all the time, and calls the nurse with his calling device every ten minutes. The nurse gets more and more frustrated, because she has forty other patients to look after, and she doensn’t have the time and nerve to pamper Akos all they long. After the nurse turns the lights off in the room, Akos’ sickness gets worse. He calls the nurse again, but the nurse gets angry and takes away Akos’s calling machine. Then she goes away. Akos is really sick, and after a while, he faints. The roommates don’t have nurse call machines anymore, so they try to shout for the nurse – but the door is closed, so the nurse can’t hear anything. Maybe if they tried to call the ambulance or the hospital itself, they could reach the nurse again… and the cell phone is on the desk, but all of them are lying in their bed paralyzed, and can’t get up to reach it. Botond is only able to use his hands, Tamás tries to gain momentum to hit the phone with his paralyzed hands.. and Adam tries to organize and direct them from his bed. Its not an easy mission, but somehow they manage to accomplish it.

DIRECTOR:  Zoltán Vincze PRODUCERS: Mónika Mécs, Ernő Mesterházy