2014. was the Hungarian Holocaust Remembrance Year. There was only one hungarian poet, whose interpretation of the jewish deportation and the wrecking in incinerators was not only made through an existentialist paradigm, but was seen through the paradoxical context of the painful redemption of the Chirst. He was János Pilinszky.There were only a few european poets who had the courage to examine the phenomenon of Holocaust throughout the perspective of the Christian teology and aesthetics. Pilinszky undertook this mission with help of the philosophy of Simon Weil, and the european recognition and fame of his poetry proves his right.We have been thinking of the Second World War not only the part of the history, but also the decades of Pilinszky’s life. Some of his friends, family members and collegues are among us. It’s still not late to address them. The piarist father, Istvan Jelenits has a great role in this film. He is not only the expert of Pilinszky’s complete work, but also one of the best friends and a confessor of him. That’s why these photographs kept his own sensitive perspective print of reality. We would like to make a film which can be a bridge between generations and nations. We would like it to be a reminder about János Pilinszky, because he is the only hungarian poet, whose poetry has the same niveau in english as in hungarian.

DIRECTOR:  Attila Mispál PRODUCERS:András Muhi , Mónika Mécs, Ernő Mesterházy CINEMATOGRAPHY: Sándor Balázs PRODUCTION COMPANY: M&M Film