90 minutes “freedom” – The fans from the B sector and the secret service


90 minutes “freedom” – The fans from the B sector and the secret service

From the beginning of the 1950s, the home affairs department of the Hungarian Communist Party governed by Rákosi has worked on inducing permanent control and breaking up the cohesive fanbase of the Ferencváros Football Club, the FTC Friends Circle, and the famous B-center. After the revolution, the spies of the Kádár-era continued doing the same, up until the regime change.

The film discusses the the war of the B-center and the system, depicting the way the B-center’s sector became a meeting place for people with anti-system beliefs and became a legal forum of anti-soviet- and anti-communist toughts. It presents the workings of the secret service of the times and their cases through the protagonist’s memories, football fans actively attending games today.

In the film there appear legendary fans and players who, along with their families were observed by the secret service and were a part of the B-center and the Friends Club for generations.


Director: Márton Ördög Kovács

Screenplay: Márton Ördög Kovács

Producer: Monika Mécs, Ernő Mesterházy

Production Manager: Virág Mogyoró